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I’m thrilled to introduce you to Debra Lynne Driscoll!

When you meet Debra, you get that warm and fuzzy feeling right from the beginning. She cares so passionately about supporting others and helping them find magic, you feel inspired by that alone. Debra is truly a global citizen, with a thirst for life and is a testament to what is possible when we experience hard things and are determined to heal our way through it. I recently attended her Moon Magic program and appreciated her gentle way to supporting you in discovering your own spirituality – not through a set of rules – but through connecting with and finding what works for you.

What I do: I center my work on helping people to tap into their magic so they can transform and expand.

  • Business Type: Spiritual Practice, Grief Guidance & Magic Weaver
  • Business name: ​Big Life Magic
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  • Location: Global!
  • Contact: Debra Lynne Driscoll,

What should we know about you?

I am a soul seeker, witch, healer, magic weaver, and storyteller. I believe we all have magic within us and by accessing our magic we activate our ability to be the best healers and teachers for ourselves and others. Using intuitive guidance, spiritual practice and storytelling I help people tap into their magic. I have practiced and taught healing, storytelling and creativity for over twenty years, and the deepening and expansion of my work was activated by the death of my son Sage (aged 10 years, 11 months) in April 2013. My journey with grief has expanded my ability to love. It is that love I share.

Why do you love what you do?

When someone realizes that THEY ARE the magic, you see a soul expand! Possibilities open, dreams ignite, and people realize they had it all along…there was and is no need to seek outside themselves for the magic is within. I know a lot about magic and spiritual practice and it absolutely enhances my life. I also know that not everyone has been studying and applying magic like I have. When I share, others access their magic and benefit from all I have learned. Magic is to be shared!

Tell us about your superpowers!

I have a sharp and honest intuition and use it as my guidance system. I am also the middle child of seven so I am the person who is comfortable in my place in the world and am able to connect easily with people. I am a master storyteller and delight in not only sharing my stories, but inspiring others to share theirs.

What else should we know:

I am an author. In January 2020 my memoir, A Series of Surrenders was released:

How does one accept a gift from death when death is the very enemy that took your loved one away?

Death has come bearing gifts for me more than once. Tightly bound in grief, these gifts are hard to unwrap, yet it is only in the unwrapping that we reveal the lesson and ease the grief. Our burden becomes lighter, and our soul expands.

Can you prepare for such gifts, or is it only in hindsight that grief can mend our broken hearts?

Chronicling the deaths of a lover, my father and my only son, A Series of Surrenders is not only a love letter to them, but it is also a lesson in making friends with grief and learning to love again. 

Dive into the depths of grief and the hope of what is possible when a broken heart repairs and a soul expands in lessons of love.

Free sample to read available upon request.

Is there a special offer you’d like to share with readers?

I offer 30 minute discovery calls – either for magic insight or grief guidance.


I also have a FREE meditation for download on my website



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