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Workshops & Facilitated Discussions:

consciously unbiased

Stepping Into A New Narrative (Workshop)

with Pheonix CEO Community

he female quotient mindset moment

Changing Your Relationship to Your Inner Critics (Roundtable Discussion)

with Publish Your Purpose

The NoW Talk

Going All In by Quieting Your Inner Critics (Facilitated Conversation)

with Powerful Women Today


Culture Impact & Inner Critics
with Book Smarts Business Podcast

Goal Digger
with CEO of Luminary, Cate Luzio

on Voice(is)

How To Lead Authentically
on HerCSuite Radio

Exiting and Disrupting Corporate Culture
on Below the Surface at the Now

The Corporate Culture Revolution
on Brave Women at Work

on Forever Chic

How to Live Authentically
on Speak’n the Truth About Money

The Art of Real Allyship
on Boss Lady Conversations

share your genius
share your genius

Showing Up Differently

on 52 Weeks of Me

Panels & Talks:

LI Live w Tiersa

Conquering Self Doubt: Doing the Inner Critic Work

LinkedIn Live interview with Tiersa Hall

consciously unbiased

Why Don’t Workers Want to Go Back to the Office

 Panel discussion on Consciously Unbiased

he female quotient mindset moment

Do More by Doing Less 

with The Female Quotient: Mindset Moment Series

The NoW Talk

The NoW Talk

with The Network of Women

consciously unbiased

Financial Gym x Luminary

Joint discussion with Luminary & The Financial Gym

TFQ Flip the Script

Coaching Corner @ Comedy Corner

Conversations with New York Comedy in collaboration with The Female Quotient


Note: published on both platforms

What’s Celebrating Got To Do With It Authored by Tosca DiMatteo

Going With The Flow Authored by Tosca DiMatteo

Living Your Life All In Authored by Tosca DiMatteo

You’ll Get There, In Due Time  Authored by Tosca DiMatteo

Letting Go To Let In The Magic Authored by Tosca DiMatteo

Transitions and the Way of the Eagle Authored by Tosca DiMatteo

The Stories We Tell (Ourselves and Others) Authored by Tosca DiMatteo

Dismantling the Walls of Self Protection Authored by Tosca DiMatteo

Quoted in Forbes Magazine

Reversing the Great Resignation: What Employees Really Want:
Holly Corbett Contributor

How To Fix The Broken Rung:
Shelley Zalis Senior Contributor

Published in The Female Quotient

Thriving in the Employment Gap:
Authored by Tosca DiMatteo

Choosing the Employment Gap Part 2:
Authored by Tosca DiMatteo

Published in WOW Life Magazine

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