Five years ago I quit my corporate job…

Five years ago today, I walked out of my office in Corporate America for the last time. It was August 23rd, 2018. I released my SCARCITY Inner Critic so that I could honor the truth that was buried behind all my self-sabotaging thoughts.

I didn’t have a roadmap for the next five years of my life, or even the next 60 days. I didn’t know if I was going to look for jobs again, or rip up the entire playbook that I’d been using. The one thing I knew was that I was going to earn my coaching certification.

I looked back in my phone to remind myself of this day. Did I take any photos? Did I go out to dinner?

I took one photo on that day. I took picture of the people that actually made it hard to say goodbye. We all had big smiles. I see smiles for the mystery of the unknown and the honoring of what was. Life has always been about the company I keep on the journey. I’m grateful for that company, to this day – they were a part of helping me to see and own my magic.

These past five years have tried me in ways I never imagined. They have healed me in ways I never dreamed of. And they have expanded me in ways I have yet to fully understand.

Today I am working on two keynote talks that I’m giving next month; one on inner critics and one on personal branding. It sure feels like a full circle moment.

I left to expand my impact, my joy and to see what else was possible.
You know what I learned? IT’S ALL POSSIBLE.

What are you dreaming up for yourself? All you need is to know is your one, next, immediate tiny step. The rest will unfold in due time.

Note: originally posted on LinkedIn

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