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Do you feel like you’re at a critical crossroads? Like your life needs to change on some fundamental level, but you’re at a loss about how to do that?

Perhaps you’re in-between jobs (a place no one prepares you for), experiencing an emotional roller coaster ride and realizing it’s harder than you imagined it would be.

Maybe you’re experiencing a toxic work environment, or you’ve lost trust in your ability to make good decisions and move forward in a direction that feels right for you.

You may have sought support in the past, reaching out to friends, family, even mentors – but they just aren’t giving you the kind of support you need.

If you’re a team leader, do you need stronger handle on your market positioning & strategy, so you can enter the next growth stage for your business?

Are you ready to shift your organization’s workplace culture in order to ramp up performance, but don’t know where to start?

I'm Tosca and I know you can get through this
Rediscover your fire with coach Tosca DiMatteo

It’s time for change!

I’m Tosca and I’m here to be your trusted guide. My passion is supporting businesses & professionals like YOU in navigating the next stages of your personal career development, or the growth of your entire organization.

TOSCA Coaching & Consulting can help you:

  • Rediscover your fire, confidence and inner knowing
  • Create a customized approach to identify and achieve your goals
  • Determine accountable actions for forward momentum, one step at a time
  • Have courageous conversations to transform habits and toxic behaviors
  • Bring in lightness and joy where cracks exist in the darkness

You can learn more about me right over here, and be sure to follow me on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

You have the power to transform your life and business. Take the first step to see if TOSCA Coaching can provide the powerful results you are looking for.

Here’s what some of my clients have to say about their transformational TOSCA Coaching Experience:

Tosca helped me navigate a big detour on the long straight path that I had envisioned for my career.

While helping me understand my fears and learn how to work with them, she also helped me think about my needs, wants and hopes in ways that I hadn’t before.

She intuitively reframed the conversation I thought I wanted to have in order to help me see things differently. Tosca helped me find what I didn’t know was already inside – the courage to forge a new path entirely my own, and she shared tools to support me on a journey that I wouldn’t have had the confidence to embark on not so long ago. I’m forever grateful!"

~ Donald M.
Independent Creative Director and Visual Storyteller

Tosca's guidance was invaluable during my career transition.

Her understanding of the particular challenges that lay ahead and intuitive nature made the journey rich, exciting and often joyful. Tosca 'met me where I was', offering resources and advice that I continue to draw on. A tremendous growth and learning experience!"

~ Stan R.
Senior Project Manager

Tosca has been a very grounding support as I began the next phase professionally.

We worked on tapping into my intuition and stepping into my power to be intentional about paving a path of growth, curiosity, and confidence within my new role. 

Tosca brilliantly uses a combination of questions and tools to guide me in understanding how to trust myself and life’s process. She also uses her background to give applicable advice on navigating several hurdles in the corporate world. She is kind and supportive and gently pushes you to excel."

~ K.C.
Strategy Consultant

Thanks to Tosca, our yoga business has undergone a complete transformation...

We've been attracting more people to our studio, and my coaching business is picking up momentum as well!

I feel so much more equipped to run both businesses now because of all the business tools and marketing strategies that Tosca taught me. I also feel more confident that I can rise to whatever challenge I’m faced with because of all the inner work I did to become an entrepreneur through her transformational coaching.”

~ Dr. Puma
Weight Loss Coach and Yoga Studio Co-owner

For Team Leaders & Organizations

Are you ready to ENERGIZE your team & unlock NEXT LEVEL results?

If you feel like your employees can be an even better version of themselves, providing them the support of a coach can be the linchpin to unlocking their full potential.  

I believe that organizations can be most powerful, meaningful and impactful when ALL employees are encouraged to let their true selves shine. This is why I am motivated by and passionate about both business and human impact.

When employees work with someone outside of their environment, opportunities open for them to see situations in new ways. This isn’t just consulting, it’s the complete TOSCA Coaching Experience.

Let’s determine if working together could ignite the breakthrough results you are looking for.

I’ve worked on the inside of industry-leading companies and know what it takes to unlock results.

Industry-leading companies: Unilever, Wegmans, Absolut VodkaIndustry-leading companies: Kimberly-Clark, Univision

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