Elki Camacho

Meet Elki

As soon as I met Elki, it was clear that I wasn’t going to let her out of my life! She has such a good heart and she is using it in such amazing ways – one of which is with her consulting business. Elki is the real deal, having come from the Corporate world, she has proven success and capabilities to help other businesses with their dreams. It’s why I chose to hire her to help me on my own business! Without any further ado, I introduce you to Elki…

  • Business Type: Professional Services
  • Business name: Elki Consulting Group, LLC
  • Website:www.​ www.elkiconsulting.com
  • Location: Women-Owned Businesses, NJ, Tri-State + Nationally
  • Contact: Elki Camacho, info@elkiconsulting.com

What does your business do?

We focus on empowering women-led small businesses with strategy, processes, skills, and know-how needed in building resilient, efficient, profitable and successful businesses.

What should we know about you?

In addition to my business brain, I’m a certified coach (DiSC and 5 Behavior) and a lifelong teacher of people. So, you’ll find a mix of “coaching” and “mentoring” – sometimes the answers are in you, and other times you need someone to show you a better way.  I’m here for both.

We believe in the “Come as you are” attitude: we’re not here for perfection and polish. We’re here to exercise your business demons and get shit done.

Why do you love what you do? 

It’s about time we pass more businesses off to our daughters. 

Tell us about your superpowers.

Taking you on as a client means I absolutely believe in your greatness.  I also believe it’s my responsibility as your coach to shine a bright light on what’s working and what’s not in your business so that you can decide when to double down and when to say “no thanks.”  When my clients come to me, they don’t want an illusionist: they’re ready to transform their business and anchor themselves to what is real, so their business can give them the freedom and joy they’ve always dreamed about.

What else should we know? 

In addition to business owners, I work with teams and leaders in organizations. Also, I’m a newly certified Scuba Diver… If you have tips and recommendations, share the wealth.

Is there a special offer you’d like to share with readers? 

I’m huge on networking and always happy to make time at no charge. My consults are free, and I have a variety of ways to engage with me so we can better get to know one another.



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