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Career Breakthrough

You deserve to be energized by your career pursuits.

It’s time to rip up the antiquated playbook.

The Career Breakthrough Approach:

  • Neutralize your current pain points 
  • Identify how you’re getting in your own way
  • Remember and honor your journey 
  • Overhaul the stories you tell (yourself and others)

Leadership Themes

Limiting Beliefs: Identify how they may be holding you back

Inner Critics & Confidence: Embark upon the path to reclaiming your power, voice and influence

Unresolved History: Address your past to not sabotage your present and future

Boundaries: Understand the role they play and how to hold them

Validation: Moving from external to internal validation process to take back your power

Scarcity Mindset & Fear: Break the cycle of holding yourself back 

Overwhelm: Understand the true source and identify what you need

Heart-Led Leadership: Identify your authentic style and honor your values and integrity 

Personal Branding: Clarify, manage your brand, and position yourself for what’s next

Managing Up & Over: Re-set expectations and shift perceptions

Leadership Coaching Framework

  1. Align on development goals
  2. Uncover your authentic leadership style
  3. Acknowledge and amplify leadership strengths
  4. Identify biggest pain points / triggers / inner conflict areas
  5. Experiment with new mindsets and behaviors to support goals (personal and organizational)
  6. Explore resistance and discomfort and new tools to manage
  7. Create a personalized approach to self-modify and adjust as needed

Results You Can Expect:

A shift in your energy:

  • Feel lighter in your transition
  • Release low-vibe experiences of the past
  • Reclaim your power and magic

More confidence in your career path to date:

  • Unhook from external validation
  • Redefine success on your terms
  • Handle triggering situations more constructively

Renewed trust in your own inner guidance:

  • Deeper awareness of destructive patterns
  • Clarity in where you’re going
  • Feel better about your choices

Ability to think and do things differently:

  • Start becoming your own best friend
  • Reduce feelings of not enough
  • Gain new tools for all parts of your life

My clients experience transformative results

“I worked with Tosca at a low point in my career. I struggled to put my beliefs, values, and experiences into a personal narrative that I believed in. After working together I felt more confident in my story; my truth, which resulted in better and clearer conversations about my career aspirations and purpose. Tosca pushed me out of my comfort zone, brought an unbiased take and gave me tools to navigate difficult conversations. She is the coach I needed then and who I’d call in the future.”

~ Anthony M., Global Marketing Lead, Consumer Packaged Goods Company

“Tosca helped me navigate a big detour on the long straight path that I had envisioned for my career. She helped me find what I didn’t know was already inside – the courage to forge a new path entirely my own. Tosca shared tools to support me on a journey that I wouldn’t have had the confidence to embark on. I’m forever grateful!”

~ Donald M., Independent Creative Director and Visual Storyteller

“I feel more confident and have restored belief in myself to accomplish what’s next. I’m proud of myself for the shifts I made in such a short period of time. The sessions helped unlock what was in me and build new, lasting thought patterns. With Tosca’s coaching, I was in the driver seat the whole time and learned to change my own mind. I feel empowered to take on my next set of goals and open myself up to all that’s to come.”

~ Aliyyah C. Marketing Director and Digital Entrepreneur, New York City

“In March of 2020, I was in a terrible work situation and needed to make a change. Tosca became a valued confidant, a trusted supporter and open-minded listener committed to helping me re-establish my value and self-worth and do hard things. Thanks to Tosca, I was able to reframe the narrative by taking one of the darkest moments in my professional career and turn it into an opportunity. There are not enough words of thanks that I could give to thank Tosca for helping me get to a better place.”

~ Stacye Z., Marketing Consultant

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