Unapologetically Own Your True Story

Unlock The Magic

Brand Alignment

Your brand represents the golden thread of where you’ve been,

and supports the goals of where you’re going.

The Golden Thread Discovery Process:

  • Deeply understand your strategy and journey to date
  • Identify and clarify your goals and intentions
  • Articulate your authentic, unique story
  • Create a roadmap that aligns with the game YOU play best

Results You Can Expect:

More Confidence and Clarity in:

  • Where you’ve been
  • Where you’re going (and why!)
  • The stories you want to share

More Impactful Messaging that:

  • Shifts your results
  • Resonates with your audience
  • Stands out and feels authentic

More Alignment with:

  • The ‘what’ of your goals
  • Actions that fuel you
  • Your values

Select Clients

A snapshot of amazing clients with breakthrough results.

A snapshot of amazing clients with breakthrough results.

“Tosca was a game-changer; we needed a unicorn – someone with technical knowledge (strategy chops, operations knowledge, marketing prowess) AND a real coach’s mindset! She clarified our strategic foundation, gave us a new lens for looking at our values (and value!) and helped us formulate a plan forward that honored this crazy time and our goals.”

~ Casey C., Co-Founder at Vital Voice Training

“I had the privilege of collaborating with Tosca to develop a brand voice and messaging for a video campaign for a client. Her guidance and direction are what ultimately allowed us to deliver a product that exceeded expectations. She also helped nurture and mature client relations, keeping my client happy, and me sane.”

~ Joey M., CEO at ATB Productions

“Tosca is specific, attentive and INCREDIBLY smart…She has been instrumental in helping us nail down everything from our core messaging and operations, to branding. Tosca has that rare combination of holding you accountable, and gentle hand holding when you need it. We are so grateful to have the opportunity to work with her.”

~ Julie F., Co-Founder at Vital Voice Training

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Let’s revitalize your personal or business branding.

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