Revive the Heartbeat in Your Business

Create AUTHENTIC Shifts In Your Team Culture

People First Culture

Drive Change, Without Driving Yourself Crazy

  • Lead in integrity, with clarity and a renewed hope for a better tomorrow. 
  • Breakdown complicated topics and process the emotions that surface.
  • Connect your people challenges with your business imperatives to enable engagement, in the face of resistance.


Authenticity in Culture Framework

Discover the Deepest Truths

We identify key challenges and opportunities for a thriving culture, then prioritize your needs and align with your stakeholders.

Create the Compass

Create the vision for your unique leadership style and the future of your team. This compass links to your company mission and includes values, impact and goals, to keep you grounded despite constant change.

Amplify What’s Working

Acknowledge the superpowers within your organization and identify meaningful ways to celebrate and amplify what’s already working.

Plan & Execute

Create your roadmap, including communication and messaging based on the compass as well as your unique business and culture, while enlisting a broader team.

Experiment, Learn, Adjust

Take consistent actions, identify roadblocks and adjust the plan as needed, based on what is working and what you’re still learning.

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