Time Is On Our Side

Time is Self-Imposed

Regardless of if you have a lot more or a lot less time on your hands right now, time somehow feels different, doesn’t it? 

Even when all we want in our lives is more time or space, giving ourselves this gift isn’t something we usually do that well, you know? Society rewards the grind and gives status points for ‘busy’. So, we just keep on grinding and our deepest desires get buried and we get unraveled, but we can’t seem to connect the dots about why.

NOW, in this moment, we have a gift. This time (or new perception of it) reveals what is waste and what is real. It shows us our truth, and old feelings that we have buried might very well be coming to the surface, and we see them and feel them again. We might also see that we need support, that going alone on the journey is not nearly as meaningful as being lifted up by others.

Action or Inaction?

When I talk about seeing time differently, I’m not saying – “hey, now you have more time, so go do more stuff.” Absolutely not. What I am saying is with these new lenses by which we are seeing the world, we have an opportunity to see what is serving us in our lives and what is not.

If you are the kind of person that is GO GO GO, you never stop, never take care of your own needs and always push to the next and the next, well then, maybe this forced slow down has a message for you. I wonder, what message you are getting? And are you giving yourself permission to pay attention to it? This was my way for a long, long time – and I STILL have a card in my office that says “In Stillness, Purpose Speaks”

If you are the kind of person that hasn’t taken action on your true desires….
If you’ve accepted a life that doesn’t make you happy…
If you’re stuck in a cycle of limiting beliefs, feeling paralyzed by your circumstances…
I would ask you what is calling you in this moment? What small action can help you get out of your rut of inaction?

Self-Directed Change

I know a little something about this. Two years ago I saw my own clock clearly on the wall and I wondered if I was living my best life. After chasing down my dreams for 20 years, I had to admit to myself that I didn’t truly feel fulfilled. I forced myself to uncover why I was choosing to stay the course, versus being willing to take a risk and make different choices. There was no virus chasing me down then…it was my own willingness to listen to my own heart, finally take action and work with a coach on that journey. If I break down how I really created a new path, the truth is that I decided to make one small decision that was different than all my past decisions. And that led to making other new kinds of decisions, until I reached the day that I chose to bet on myself – in a way that I never had before.

What are your dreams waiting for? Are they waiting for you to slow down? For More security? More knowing? Less risk?

The Real Risk

The REAL risk is in not living your life RIGHT NOW, and looking at the clock 5, 10, 20 years from now wondering why you lived someone else’s idea of a dream. I guess that’s why I love the work that I do so much – I just love helping people pull back the layers and the masks to get to their truth so they can live their own dreams.

What mask is coming down for you right now?  What truths are being revealed?

I beg of you not to ignore this. Don’t cover it up with “I’m just lucky to be here”.  Yes, you are AND if you aren’t living the life you imagined, then there is SO MUCH MORE that is possible out there for you.

The Possible Dream

I had a chat with a potential client the other day and I asked her for her vision of the future. And she immediately started to use words like “realistically”… And so I had to interrupt her and ask her again, to suspend belief and imagine that anything was possible. From that place, I asked her to tell me what her desires were for the future. And this deep seeded belief was still there, that her dreams had to be based in reality. But why? Why is that? What is reality anyway?

It’s more likely that we have NO CLUE about what’s possible than we know what IS possible. You picking this up? The fact that we think we KNOW is a fallacy. We know nothing (John Snow) – and if THAT was the mindset we lived by, we certainly wouldn’t start our dreams inside of small boxes.

And So Much More…

No one predicted our current situation.
And no one can predict your future either…
But if you can imagine it, well then – so it shall be, and so much more!  



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  1. -Yo MaMa-

    So well written. You are truly an inspiration, much needed at this time. It is a good opportunity for introspection regarding life choices.

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