Meet your transformational coach Tosca DiMatteo

Are you ready to transform your organization or career from the inside out?

ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC) Certification badges.As a certified, professional, transformational coach, I provide the support you need to achieve everything you – or your organization – desires, in a healthy, sustainable way.

I don’t work with template checklists or off-the-shelf solutions, in fact everything I do is custom for your needs: 

  • Does your organization need to up their marketing game or implement a change management strategy? I build the plan that’s right for you and your organizations’ unique challenges.
  • Do you want to become a better leader or find contentment in your career journey? I discover what support and tools you need to breakthrough and experience a transformation in your personal and professional life.

So yes – I believe that each challenge needs a discerning solution, because I’ve experienced first hand that one size does not fit all.

Before becoming a transformational coach, I was a strategic marketing executive & team builder, and I pride myself on having created my own career path.

My career spans working in blue-chip companies across industries with a range of company structures and cultures. These experiences have led me to be a strategic and creative problem solver, listener and people-first leader.

I’ve had the honor of working with industry leaders & beloved brands including:

Industry leaders: Unilever, Wegmans, Absolut VodkaBeloved Brands: Kimberly Clark, UnivisionIndustry leaders: The Female Quotient, She Runs It, Changemaker ChatsBeloved brands: Lipton, Pernod Ricard

Each move, promotion and shift was strategic and hard fought.

I’ve navigated some of the most difficult and competitive industries and cities, and I know what it takes to win. I also know how hard it is to stay hopeful and confident in a process laden with rejection and disappointment.

I’m no stranger to change, company politics and what it takes to find allies and to transition successfully. In this journey I have experienced many organizational re-structures, destructive managers and toxic cultures and have learned first hand how they impact individuals and teams on so many levels.

I became a transformational coach to fully leverage my 20+ years experience in Corporate America to help change it for the better. My passion is to support individuals and organizations to re/discover the heart of who they are so they can live authentically from the inside, out.

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I Believe That Change Is Entirely Possible…

I start with trust as the foundation: Transformational coach Tosca DiMatteo

I start with trust as the foundation.

When we build our relationship on trust, it allows for vulnerability. By opening up and letting go, real transformations take place. Trust is the foundation for the relationship we will build – and it is something we build together from our very first conversation.  

As with any transformational coach, the work I do is confidential and it stays between us, even if someone else is paying the bill.

I pay attention to the big picture: Transformational coach Tosca DiMatteo

I pay attention to the big picture and the details.

I don’t push an agenda – I listen, absorb, collect information and see what’s needed to move forward on the objectives that you have defined for yourself or your team. I think about the bigger picture. 

I look at what’s most important – the biggest boulders in your way – to unlock so much more. I also understand that strategy (either for life or for a business) means nothing without proper execution and am realistic about the details.

I'm honest and direct: Transformational coach Tosca DiMatteo

I’m honest and direct.

I do NOT beat around the bush. Transformation takes time, but I don’t waste your time by holding back from the truth you may not be able to see. And I will tell you if I don’t think I can serve you in the way you need. 

I’m direct and hard hitting when you need a tough love approach, and I’m empathetic and understanding when you need to let off steam. But I don’t talk at you, I work with you. I collaborate. I want to be on your team – not an observer on the sidelines.  

I cut through the story you keep telling yourself. I get to the heart of matters – to get to the heart of you / your organization. I’m ok with making you feel uncomfortable, because I know that is where the growth is. 

I reject any kind of “ism” or harmful labels – and when I see it or hear it – I speak up. I drive awareness. I do not judge, I simply use a mirror to show you what I see.

I encourage courageous conversations: Transformational coach Tosca DiMatteo

I encourage courageous conversations.

We have deep and real conversations about what’s keeping you or your organization stuck. This work is about getting to the “what else” the “why” the “what’s underneath that”  – which is what drives change. 

This isn’t about “where should I apply” or “how do I hit this number”… it’s about digging deeper. It’s about understanding:

  • What brings you joy? 
  • What values drive you / your organization? 
  • What are the voices telling you what you “should” or “can’t” do?
I find common ground: Transformational coach Tosca DiMatteo

I find common ground.

I’ve worked with and for dozens upon dozens of people in my career – across geographies and countries and cultures. I know how organizational culture gets destroyed. There isn’t much I haven’t seen. 

I know how to work with all kinds of characters, personalities, cultures and groups. I’m sensitive to differences and know I’m still learning – which enables me to ask the pertinent questions that get underneath taboo topics. I find the ties that bind in order to move forward and achieve the goals you’ve set forth.

I'm not afraid of a challenge: Transformational coach Tosca DiMatteo

I’m not afraid of a challenge.

Overcoming challenges is the real work of this lifetime. The work on exploring the REAL self, what’s underneath expectations and messaging, past traumas and relationship influences. 

I’m a cheerleader by nature, and my enthusiasm is part of how I support my clients in making shifts that will lead them to the results they long for.

I don't just talk about it, I AM about it: Transformational coach Tosca DiMatteo

I don’t just talk about it, I AM about it.

I never stop my pursuit of doing my best work and being my best self.

I am a transformational coach because I’m passionate and driven to improve lives and workplaces – so that everyones’ unique and authentic gifts can be expressed and shared.

So, are you ready to stop talking about it, and BE about it?

Let’s create a real breakthrough for you or your organization.