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Meet Priscilla Guasso!

I am so excited for you to get to know Priscilla. We met through the organization The Latanista – and she was so kind as to offer her time to help me in preparing an article. Fast forward and this incredible and generous women ended up making the courageous choice to leaving her job and design her life in an entirely new way. She now has an incredible passion project build to intentionally honor the legacy she wants to leave and provide support for a community in huge need. Ladies and gentleman, it is my honor to introduce you to Priscilla…

  • Business Type: Educational Consulting Services
  • Business name: ​​Latinas In HR | Latinas Rising Up In HR
  • Website:​ ​
  • Location: National + Global Reach
  • Contact: Priscilla Guasso:

What does your business do?

Latinas in HR is a community of HR leaders sharing our keys of knowledge & success to O-P-E-N doors of unlimited possibilities.

What should we know about you?

I am a wife, daughter, sister, proud aunt, HR leader, salsa dancer and aspiring zumba instructor. I believe relationships are pivotal in all that we do.  As I continue to build on my 15+ years in HR, it weighs on me why we do not see greater representation of Latinas In HR.  As a result, in October of 2020, I proudly published a #1 Amazon Best Seller Latinas Rising Up In HR to bring greater visibility of our careers and vulnerably sharing our personal journey there. My hope is we continue to inspire a new wave of leadership in the HR field to impact the future of our workforce in corporations, nonprofits through entrepreneurial opportunities.  I continue believing in this work and if you’re in HR (or aspiring to be), I invite you to follow our growing community on social media @LatinasInHR.

Why do you love what you do? 

In my career in D&I and in many of the conversations, spaces and organizations I’m in, the stats of how the needle is barely moving in diversifying, growing, and promoting diverse talent is unacceptable.  This gap of talent continues to widen as we see women of color impacted by the pandemic.  I’m passionate about being a part of the solution to change this paradigm. 

Tell us about your superpowers ? 

My superpower is being a human catalyst.  I think deeper in how the connections I make will help gears turn for greater things in what the individual is trying to achieve, and do not care to get the recognition after. I love seeing people thrive in their lives.

What else should we know?

Latinas In HR is a community focused on achieving our purpose through our (4) Pillars:

Opportunities: Personal & Professional Career Growth through monthly programming

Philanthropy: Launching (2) scholarships & HS/College Workshops of HR as a career

Exposure: Authorship Opportunity, Visibility of new members

Networking: Sharing of best practices, create community where #TogetherWeRise

Is there a special offer you’d like to share with readers?

I will give the first three people to email me a free copy of my book, just be sure to mention Tosca in your email!



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