THE Michelle Harmon

Meet Michelle Harmon (aka M.E. Harmon)

I love this goddess and queen and am proud to call her my friend. Michelle is the kind of person that will tell you exactly what you need to hear – even if it’s not what you want to hear, and you will thank her for it!! She has so much wisdom to share about life, about story and the brass tax of getting ‘ish done! Michelle’s passion for story (in any form) is palpable and her extensive list of self-published books (under the name M.E. Harmon) is astonishing! If you have ever thought about writing your own book, keep reading, because you need THE Michelle Harmon in your corner!

  • Business Type: Self-Publishing
  • Business name: ​​Story and Harmony
  • Location: Based in Queens, NY – global reach
  • Contact: Michelle Harmon /

What does your business do?

I help aspiring writers start, finish, and self-publish their dream book in record time.

What should we know about you?

I’m a Queens born New Yorker and bonafide action/fantasy book, movie, and television geek.  I think it’s a travesty people with a dream to publish a book struggle to get it done AND Saturday morning cartoons are no longer on the major networks. My desire is to share my P.O.P self-pub framework to help aspiring writers become published authors.

Why do you love what you do? 

I love people being entertained by stuff I make up in my head. 

Tell us about your superpowers ? 

No one should have to chase a dream alone. I’m willing to be present, teach, and cheer as people go through their journey from total newbie to published author.

What else should we know?

The bar to self-publishing has become lower but quality should not be sacrificed as a result. Indie authors should do their BEST to release books that meet minimum grammar, editing, and storytelling standards and constantly strive to grow their writing skills. 

Is there a special offer you’d like to share with readers?

If anyone has ever thought about writing a book, my free Writer’s Personality quiz is the perfect tool to discover their unique writer personality and how to beat what’s been holding them back from making their author dreams a reality.



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