Adrian DiMatteo

Meet Adrian DiMatteo

To say that I am proud for you to meet my incredibly talented younger brother, is an understatement. His original music will move you, his poetry will inspire you and of course, his good looks runs in the family. 🙂 Beyond his talents, perhaps I am most proud of his resilience and determination in a world that is quick to judge and shame the less traveled path.

Learn more about Adrian in my IG Live conversation with him on Talk About It Tuesday on February 22nd, 2022.

What does your business do?

I teach guitar, voice, music theory, songwriting and the principles of sound healing. My workshops, lessons and private sessions draw upon both technical academic expertise and ancient spiritual knowledge passed down by elders of the traditions, including my teacher Maestro Manuel Rufino.

What should we know about you?

The art and science of sound healing is designed to harmonize the body, mind and spirit. I am committed to helping people understand how and why sound can be used to heal, and to provide tangible experiences of its benefits. This integrated approach draws upon science, philosophy and spirituality.

Why do you love what you do? 

I have loved music from a young age. The journey it has taken me on around the world and back in time has deeply enriched my life. The more I realize how beneficial sound can be for accessing peace of mind, the more I am committed to opening that door in the lives of others, both musicians and non-musicians.

Tell us about your superpowers

Intuition plays a critical role in music and sound healing. This super power enables me to connect with people and dare to trust that with sound, I can help improve lives.

What else should we know: 

I hesitate to label myself. The terms “musician,” “teacher,” and “sound healer” are used in an effort to convey to others “what I do.” The truth is, I’m a multi-faceted person. I write poetry, articles, books and music. I’m an app-creator, a researcher, and I also practice nutrition, yoga, organic farming and a range of other interests that influence my work. I have years of experience living with intentional communities and connecting with indigenous cosmologies. All of this is part of what I provide.

Is there a special offer you’d like to share with readers? 

My music can be found wherever music is streamed, and several of my articles can be read at For anyone who reaches out through Tosca, I’m offering a free 20 minute consultation to determine how I might be able to help you on your journey with sound.



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