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Meet Liz Kahn!

Liz and I can geek out for hours on all things authenticity and owning your strengths! She’s deeply passionate about showing people what it can feel like to be in an environment that lifts people up, rather than focus on weaknesses. She has this special way of making you feel like a complete ROCKSTAR – what an amazing superpower! I’m excited for you to get to know Liz and find out if your company / team could use a sprinkle of her magic!

  • Business Type: Leadership and Strengths Based Coaching
  • Business name: Kahn Consultants Group
  • Website:​ ​ https://www.kahnconsultants.com
  • Location: Based in NYC, serves globally
  • Contact: Liz Kahn, liz@kahnconsultants.com

What does your business do?

I help you discover how to lead effectively, show up authentically and learn to confidently navigate transitions to enhance your connections at work and home.

What should we know about you?

My work is rooted in a strengths-based approach. By starting with what’s right about an individual or team we disrupt the common discourse around weaknesses. Our clients are poised for growth and our coaching better equips them with the tools needed to reach personal and professional goals. Our customized coaching builds connection and confidence resulting in increased fulfillment at home and work.

Why do you love what you do?

I love giving people an opportunity to see and celebrate what makes them unique and wonderful. I believe it’s transformative when people deepen theirtoolkit to show up authentically as they navigate challenges and transitions at work and at home.

Tell us about your superpowers?

All of my coaching is custom. When working with teams or individuals, we begin by tapping into their goals to design a coaching program to support their needs. My strength-based approach means that even when navigating tough team or individual roadblocks, my clients are always rooted in positive psychology, so they are open and ready to tackle change.

Is there a special offer you’d like to share with readers?

On my website you can sign up for a free discovery call.



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