Speaking engagements and workshops

A different voice to ignite audiences and teams.

I connect with a wide range of audiences using my own life experiences, custom poetry and direct messaging. I take into account my environment and your goals to create a custom experience.

Talks and workshop subjects include:

  • Building Relationships
  • Leading with Empathy
  • Personal Branding
  • Brand Building Fundamentals
  • Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable
  • Mental Health in Work and Life

Email me directly at breakthrough@toscadimatteo.com to start the conversation!

Speaking engagement at Pratt Institute with Coach Tosca DiMatteo
Speaking engagement at Pratt Institute with Coach Tosca DiMatteo
Speaking engagement at Pratt Institute with Coach Tosca DiMatteo
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Sample Speaking Engagements

Building Relationships Starts with “I”

Success in work and in life is dependent on our ability to build strong relationships and to do that we must first look at ourselves. We must understand the good, bad and the ugly in how we show up in our life. I use my personal experiences to talk about where to start, which includes; Pausing, Looking Inside and Leading with Empathy.

Personal Branding

Strategic frameworks and brand building fundamentals are powerful tools to apply in your career management and personal branding approach. Knowing your authentic self and what makes you unique is also an important part of building your brand.

In this unique, interactive lecture (or workshop), Tosca will provide insightful marketing tools, with a coaching approach and personal storytelling from her own journey

Marketing Fundamentals

Marketing is a way for businesses to communicate how they can solve consumer needs / problems. It’s not sleezy, or slimy, but it can be when it’s not based in authentic business fundamentals. I can help your teams understand key marketing fundamentals to inspire them to think differently about this critical part of business operations.

I’ve been featured on panels and speaking engagements for organizations such as:

Speaking engagements at NYU, She Runs ItSpeaking Engagements at University at Buffalo, Pratt Instititue

Tosca prepared a talk for our diverse audience of graduate student/professionals, and hit all the right and inspiring notes.

She led with engaging personal stories of her career path- rich and full of relatable decision and pivot points.

She shared powerful and fun frameworks for discovering and mapping your personal and professional brand, and led a wonderful exercise to get started on the path. The content and delivery were eminently valuable, and Tosca’s personal style won over the audience in minutes.”

~ Kristen E.
Chief Strategy Officer at WiT Media Inc. 

Want to learn more? Email me directly at breakthrough@toscadimatteo.com to start the conversation!

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