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Welcome! I’mTosca and I’m so glad you found me.

My passion is helping everyone from corporate executives to career professionals to identify their core truth, harness their innate power, and live up to their greatest potential.

Why do I care SO DAMN MUCH? Well here’s a little backstory…

For decades, I climbed my way up the corporate ladder (in marketing), always striving to achieve more for myself while at the same time helping others climb the ladder with me and drive impact for the business. 

But rather than feeling lifted by my workplace environment, I felt like I was constantly being told to stay small, to fall in line, or to “not rock the boat”. (sound familiar yet?)

It broke my heart to know there was all this potential in myself and those around me that wasn’t being encouraged to shine completely – the structures in place simply didn’t allow that to happen. 

While I did everything I could to initiate change from within, I knew that in order to make an impact on an institutional scale, I needed to honor my deepest passion to make a difference in peoples’ lives for the better.

This led me to leave my corporate life to become a certified coach and work with motivated leaders & career professionals like YOU.

To get a glimpse of my perspective, check out my latest guest feature on Forbes!

Here’s how I serve my clients…

Corporate Culture Revolutionary

I help executives & organizations define their core values and establish a supportive, ‘human-first’ culture, which enables everyone (at every rung of the ladder) to feel seen and heard.

I offer a deeply human-centric approach, focusing on strategic alignment AND maximizing the pieces that are already working in your company’s favor.

Master Marketing Strategist

I am your ‘for hire’ 5-star CMO who listens deeply and teaches you how to think like a master marketer. Together we produce a marketing foundation that ensures you stay aligned with your goals & core purpose.

It’s time to own your power as a confident marketer and pave the way for new connections, collaborations, clients & customers.

Career Breakthrough Coach

If you’re feeling stuck or lost in your career journey, I act as your trusted guide, helping you discover a whole new approach to your career trajectory – it doesn’t have to feel like such a slog!

Together we go way beneath the surface, identifying your core motivations and pinpointing the exact thoughts, habits and actions that have been holding you back.

Here’s what some of my clients have to say about their transformational TOSCA Coaching Experience:

Tosca helped me navigate a big detour on the long straight path that I had envisioned for my career.

While helping me understand my fears and learn how to work with them, she also helped me think about my needs, wants and hopes in ways that I hadn’t before.

She intuitively reframed the conversation I thought I wanted to have in order to help me see things differently. Tosca helped me find what I didn’t know was already inside – the courage to forge a new path entirely my own, and she shared tools to support me on a journey that I wouldn’t have had the confidence to embark on not so long ago. I’m forever grateful!"

~ Donald M.
Independent Creative Director and Visual Storyteller

Tosca's guidance was invaluable during my career transition.

Her understanding of the particular challenges that lay ahead and intuitive nature made the journey rich, exciting and often joyful. Tosca 'met me where I was', offering resources and advice that I continue to draw on. A tremendous growth and learning experience!"

~ Stan R.
Senior Project Manager

Tosca has been a very grounding support as I began the next phase professionally.

We worked on tapping into my intuition and stepping into my power to be intentional about paving a path of growth, curiosity, and confidence within my new role. 

Tosca brilliantly uses a combination of questions and tools to guide me in understanding how to trust myself and life’s process. She also uses her background to give applicable advice on navigating several hurdles in the corporate world. She is kind and supportive and gently pushes you to excel."

~ K.C.
Strategy Consultant

Thanks to Tosca, our yoga business has undergone a complete transformation...

We've been attracting more people to our studio, and my coaching business is picking up momentum as well!

I feel so much more equipped to run both businesses now because of all the business tools and marketing strategies that Tosca taught me. I also feel more confident that I can rise to whatever challenge I’m faced with because of all the inner work I did to become an entrepreneur through her transformational coaching.”

~ Dr. Puma
Weight Loss Coach and Yoga Studio Co-owner

I’ve worked on the inside of industry-leading companies and know what it takes to unlock results.

Industry-leading companies: Unilever, Wegmans, Absolut VodkaIndustry-leading companies: Kimberly-Clark, Univision

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