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Meet Laurie Groff!

When I say Laurie is a warrior, I don’t say that lightly. I am so inspired by Laurie and her journey to find healing for herself, which then translated into her passion for the work she does now. I also really appreciate her approach to wellness including Western and Eastern approaches – to get the best from both worlds! If you have ever been curious about how essential oils can be used for wellness, read on my friends! I’m proud to introduce you to Laurie Groff …

What does your business do?

I teach people how to create sustainable health with natural tools.

What should we know about you?

I am a mom of 4, NICU mom, a PTSD survivor, a former college swim coach and competitive gymnast.

Why do you love what you do?

I love hearing people’s stories and seeing the potential that is inside of them, whether that is their own personal healing or if they desire to share it with others.  I love helping people move from struggling to survive to thriving. I love seeing people experience success, or overcome something that has held them back for years.  Watching other people succeed is truly an honor.

I love that integrating western medicine with a holistic approach that goes to plant based medicine first, gives people the biggest chance for success in creating sustainable health.  There are times when western medicine is needed, it saved my life twice and my son’s life, but it didn’t help when it came to my mental health.  I need a different approach, something unconventional, and I found true healing through essential oils and whole food based supplements.  They gave me back my life.  I never thought that I would be able to live anxiety free, panic attack free after my experiences, and I felt an immense amount of guilt because of how my mental health impacted my family.

I love what creating sustainable health offers people.  It is so much more than not being sick.  Sustainable health means energy, sleeping at night, not being plagued by stress and anxiety on a regular basis.  It means having tools at your fingertips when things happen.  It means being empowered and believing in your own worth.

Tell us about your superpowers? 

I remind people of their value and worth and empower them to use tools for sustainable health. I believe everyone should know there is hope after trauma.   We can’t change the things that have happened to us, but we can rewire our brains and experience true healing.  It doesn’t happen overnight, but small habits can lead to big changes over time.   Our trauma doesn’t have to dictate our future, but it can be part of our story and how we come alongside other people in the midst of their own trauma.

I am an educator.  Sustainable health requires some understanding, both of the tools and what your body needs.  I am able to teach people how to use the tools appropriately in a way that is not overwhelming but makes sense.

I am resilient.  Having had the experiences that I have had when it comes to health, I have walked the path that so many people are working through right now.   I can coach people and support them because I know intricately where they are.

What else should we know: 

I care.  Everything I say and do comes from my heart, and I mean it.  We all have had icky experiences from “salesy” people, I get it and I have been there, which is why my goal is to offer a solution not a sale’s pitch.   Whether or not someone wants to work with me is out of my control, but my aim is for someone to feel better after I have spent time with them. I want people to know they are seen and valued.

Is there a special offer you’d like to share with readers?

I have a Stress Toolkit, 25% off that comes with a free essential oil and diffuser (in April), and it is customizable. Email me for details!



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