The Life and Soul Coach

Meet Claire Campbell!

Claire and I met in our coaching for transformation certification program and instantly you can see what a bright light she is. Her whole heart is in her work and in doing the work herself. I’m honored to call her a colleague and friend. To me, in my work, there is no competition – all that matters is that people find who resonates with them so they can keep going on their path to live their best life. So I’m excited for you to learn about Claire and her approach to supporting you to transform your life! 

  • Business Type: Coaching combined with Mindbody Therapy practices
  • Business name: The Life and Soul Coach
  • Website:​ ​
  • Location: West Coast of Ireland, serves coaching online to accommodate clients worldwide
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What does your business do?

As a Professional Transformation Coach & certified Mind Body Therapy Practitioner, I have developed integrative Mind Body Transformation programs to gain clarity, enhance vitality & connect to the wisdom of the body to transform the lives of my clients.

What should we know about you?

I started off my career as a Biochemist and spent 25 years in corporate roles across Ireland, Switzerland and the greater New York area of the USA. I mostly led a disembodied lifestyle, sitting for hours at a computer and ignoring the signals of my body. I was caught on the hamster wheel of working longer to reduce my workload which kept getting higher. After the sudden death of my father I started to wake up to the realization that I was not fulfilled in my life and that I wanted more for myself. I worked with a coach and started to piece together the first steps towards transitioning into a new life and way of being in the world. I trained to be a professional coach in New York while I was exiting from my corporate job. It was tough to juggle both but the coaching skills I developed helped me enormously with coping with the end of my corporate chapter. I left the USA mid 2019 and moved back to the west coast of Ireland and started my coaching business, The Life and Soul Coach from my cottage. I feel very connected to my soul purpose and I hope to inspire others to find and live theirs.

Why do you love what you do?

I am an eternal learner of life and believe that once we understand how the body and mind interact we can change our relationship to ourselves and positively transform our lives. I am fascinated by how our minds and bodies are interconnected. As a Biochemist and a certified Mind Body Therapy practitioner I have learnt how our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and attitudes can affect our biological functioning. Just as what we eat, our posture, the way we move, even our relationships with other people and the environment can impact our mental state.  Every aspect of our life is in connection with one another.

Tell us about your superpowers?

I integrate my own life’s experience into my coaching business, I can relate to the challenges of my clients as I have faced & overcome many similar experiences. I am resilient, adaptive to change and love being in discovery mode. I embrace the mindset that anything is possible and we can co-create the life we want! Another of my superpowers is the ability to help my clients gain clarity on how to take a step forward when they are stuck.

What else should we know ?

I live a very mindful lifestyle, I am very aware of my energy and consciously fit in ways to raise my energy and vibrations. I believe in the healing powers of nature and love to hike in the mountains, take long soul strolls on the beach and spend as much time outdoors as possible. I do my best thinking when I am relaxed in the calming vibrations of nature.

Is there a special offer you’d like to share with readers?

I would love to offer a free consultation to anyone that is interested to transform their lives.



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