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Meet Randi Levin!

I had the pleasure of meeting Randi virtually during the pandemic and collaborated with her on a Chat and Chew series soon thereafter. As you will find out, she is passionate about the work she does and I am so glad our paths crossed. She has so many tools to share with clients, and I hope you will connect with her and check her out! As a fellow coach, what matters most to me is that you find someone that resonates with you who can help you on your journey – regardless of if it’s me or not. Every coach has a slightly different approach and angle. So without further ado, I introduce you to Randi Levin…

What does your business do?

I support founders and entrepreneurs and vibrant women in mid-life making bold decisions to choose and lead change and transformation personally and/or professionally. With a whole life approach, I challenge the stories my clients choose. This shifts business and personal perspectives so that my clients and audiences redefine and realign all aspects of their lives with fluidly, truth, and a redefinition of success as it relates to them today.

What should we know about you?

As a teen of divorced parents, I learned early on, and first-hand how to make big decisions, even when faced with adversity. Everything we do is predicated on the choices we make or don’t make. I have always been a good decision-maker, able to see choices that others may not. Too often we get caught in the traffic of yesterday or in meeting the deadlines of tomorrow, so I focus my practice on today and the solutions we can create energy, action, and traction around.

Why do you love what you do? 

I love, love, love working with my clients and audiences to unearth their successes and build upon them to create and curate a life and a business that fits them today. Together we mind the gaps and rewrite their stories so that they take daily actions that get them closer to their goals. My favorite moments are always when a client makes a self-discovery, and literally relaxes into the transition of shifting their perspectives. It is empowering to support and inspire so many people as a coach and thought leader, keeping people accountable to better life management and elevated energy.

Tell us about your superpowers

I take a whole life approach to coaching and work with my clients in 360 degrees. What influences our business impacts our personal life, what impacts us personally bleeds into aspects of our business. Intersect the two and we align our lives! It is that space, that gap, that bit of indecision, in which we reveal and transform together. Learning how to activate decision-making is a game-changer empowering lasting leadership and life management skills.

What else should we know: 

I am relatable and not afraid to call people out on whatever is holding them back. I use a lot of imagery and real-life comparisons bringing situations closer to light and shifting perspectives in a way that is memorable and understandable. An investment in coaching with me keeps on giving long after the sessions end, creating viable accountability and transformation that continues to grow and expand.

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