Lisa De Nicola

I’m thrilled to introduce you to Lisa

Lisa is a beautiful human being, who decided to be a part of the solution to bring heart to people strategy, after years of seeing how things work within the corporate world. This work requires strength, courage and kindness – and Lisa has all of this in spades. It’s been a gift to meet her in this phase of my journey – and she has served as an inspiration. As the world bounces back from unprecedented human impact, keep her in mind as you rebuild yourself or your organization.

What I do: Most organizations struggle with their workplace culture and people strategy. I help leaders build the foundation of their business with a people-focused approach so companies can create a healthy culture and support their people with a fulfilling employee experience.

  • Business Type: Performance Coach & Corporate Consultant
  • Business name: Lisa De Nicola
  • Website:​ ​
  • Location: Based in Toronto, CA and can serve globally
  • Contacts: Lisa,

What should we know about you?

I lead with heart and passion for people and believe we each have innate wisdom within us that is often untapped. I work with mission-driven, growth-minded organizations who believe in people over profits. My background in talent acquisition and experience working with both small and global brands, in a results oriented corporate environment, allows me to partner with leaders to navigate the professional nuances that often comes up in business and get’s in the way of supporting people first.

Why do you love what you do?

I love helping others become more self-empowered in their lives and helping them realize their own potential and getting results. It brings me joy to witness when people make choices and decisions that allow them to move forward in their journey.

Tell us about your superpowers!

I lead with intuition, heart and empathy which helps me to connect with others on a deep level. My approach is holistic (I work with the whole person), and I leverage my corporate experience in multiple industries, having worked with all levels of an organization which offers a broad perspective.

What else should we know?

I’m a straight shooter so while I primarily serve a corporate audience, I don’t care for ‘corporate talk’ if you get my drift. 😉

Is there a special offer you’d like to share with us?

I have a few freebies on my site that may be of interest, both of which can be accessed by subscribing to my email list:

  • One is a balance checklist that can be used anytime, anywhere and as often as needed. It’s great at helping you figure out where in your life you may need to create more balance.
  • I also have a mini guide that helps leaders understand what to consider when they’re evaluating how to best support an employee’s experience, so your people don’t quit!

For Tosca’s audience, I am offering a 90 minute session for the price of 60 minutes. Email me to schedule.



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