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Meet Kristina Leone

Let me tell you what I love about Kristina! She is FIRED UP with positive energy that is so contagious! Her passion for helping the world eat less cold pizza is so inspiring. Meaning, she wants us all to live a life that we enjoy and that honors who we are and what we deserve. I think the work she is doing in the world to re-educate us all on what healthy relationships look like is so needed. I’m so excited for you to meet Kristina!

Learn more about Kristina in my IG Live conversation with her on Talk About It Tuesday on March 8th, 2022.

  • Business Type: Relationship Therapy and Re-education
  • Business name: ​Hot Pizza
  • Location: Based in Australia, serving globally online
  • Contact: Kristina Leone,

What does your business do?

I support women and couples who are unhappy and struggling in their relationship to transform it to be happy, healthy and thriving, or, to leave it, so they can move forward and live the joyful life they deserve.

What should we know about you?

I am a speaker and presenter with over 30 years extensive education experience teaching in: elementary, middle, high schools, university for under and post-graduate teachers, and in corporate education providing professional development for school leaders and teachers. In 2013, towards the end of my 24-year marriage, I realized I had been accepting far less in my relationship than I deserved. I had been accepting cold pizza! I stopped accepting cold pizza and went on a life-changing quest for hot pizza! I have combined this concept and my lived experience with my extensive education background, research and counselling skills to create Hot Pizza; an online relationship transformation & re-education service. Hot Pizza is delivered all over the world and provides: private, individual online courses; women only and couples workshops (and Hot Pizza Parties!); and private relationship transformation programs for women or couples.

Why do you love what you do? 

I love helping people to stop wasting time, effort and energy being in an unhappy relationship! I love helping women and couples make clear, empowered relationship choices (stay & reheat or leave & move on) I love working with them, seeing the light and hope in their eyes turn back on, and I love helping my clients confidently move forward with their decisions.  Because life is too short, we all deserve Hot Pizza and we deserve it now!

Tell us about your superpowers

Hot Pizza is a lot like me as an individual….. I am warm, relatable, soothing, a bit fun and casual, but spicy enough to quickly light a fire in people’s bellies to achieve their dreams, a happier relationship, and a happier life! I provide the knife to cut through relationship confusion and circumvent months of traditional relationship or couples therapy by teaching new and practical ways of thinking and ‘doing’ in relationships and the support to discuss and reinforce these new behaviours….so, just like me, Hot Pizza is short term, affordable, and maximum impact!

What else should we know: 

You deserve Hot Pizza!

Hot Pizza services are action oriented and future-focused, built from and designed around the unique Hot Pizza Relationship Framework; a unique, clear, practical scaffold for happy, healthy, thriving Hot Pizza relationships.

You can order what you want from the Hot Pizza service menu to suit the level of therapy support you do or do not require.

Is there a special offer you’d like to share with readers?

Yes, a free, complimentary private relationship consult with Kristina. Book here 



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