FiBrick Financial Services

I’m thrilled to introduce you to FiBrick

When I first met Ramona I was immediately put at ease due to her calming nature. At the same time, I knew I was in the presence of a complete badass #girlboss. Like me, Ramona worked in Corporate America for many years and then decided to build her own company. Her combination of financial services, community building and a truly personal touch is what makes me so excited to introduce her to you. I believe the world needs to embrace feminine leadership qualities more than ever, and Ramona certainly embodies them! I also believe in supporting minority-owned businesses, which is yet another reason I am proud to feature this organization!

What we do: FiBrick provides customized accounting and finance solutions to businesses and entrepreneurs.

  • Business Type: Accounting and Finance
  • Business name: FiBrick Financial Services
  • Website:​ ​
  • Location: Based in NYC, services for NY, PA, NJ, MA, CT, CA
  • Contacts: Ramona Cedeno,

What should we know about you?

FiBrick Financial Services is an accounting and fractional CFO services firm which helps businesses and their owners gain clarity around financial performance to help them grow faster. We do this by providing outstanding service in tax planning, bookkeeping , cash flow management, financial reporting and growth & strategic planning.

We are passionate about how all the pieces of the business connect and help in our clients ambitions for efficiency, automation and collaboration. Through the many services and workshops we provide, we take pride in bringing people together to build community, and financially empowering entrepreneurs build sustainable businesses.

Why do you love what you do?

I love building strong connections and communities through the topics of money, finances, and entrepreneurship.

I enjoy hosting workshops that enhance business owners’ knowledge of financial topics, for business or personal.  I love teaching and empowering others through knowledge. My workshops are also design to build community so all participants are encourage to interact, network and stay in contact. 

Tell us about your superpowers!

Our clients have a friend in me. I will be there for them through anything, business or personal related. We aim to make our clients’ lives easier by finding solutions to their most concerning issues and providing additional resources for areas outside of our expertise.

What else should we know?

In this unprecedented time of the global pandemic, we have been honored to share resources and conduct free webinars to not just help our clients, but our broader community feel empowered and know their options. Go here to find upcoming events.

Is there a special offer you’d like to share with us?

For Tosca’s community, I will provide one free consultation hour. Email me to set it up.



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