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I’m thrilled to introduce you to Laura Patricelli!

When I had to find a designer for my logo, brand and website, I knew my expectations would be high. As a brand marketer myself, I wanted someone that understood strategy who could capture the uniqueness of me as a brand. On top of that, I of course wanted to work with someone that would be FUN to work with. It’s a lot to ask for, I’ll admit – but to be honest I found so much more in Laura. I found an entrepreneur who also understood backend needs, integrations and operations that I didn’t even realized I needed at that time. Laura consulted with me on everything from email platforms to GoDaddy support to calendar integrations and besides this, we also became fast friends. Without further adieu, I proudly introduce you to the CEO and Founder of Design Mastermind, Laura Patricelli.

What I do: I design eye-catching websites, logos, sales pages, and marketing graphics to help entrepreneurs STAND OUT and make an impact online!

  • Business Type: Graphic & Web Design
  • Business name: ​ Design Mastermind
  • Website:
  • Location: Based in Jersey City but serving clients worldwide!
  • Contact:

What should we know about you?

I am obsessed with graphic design and have been since I was about 10. I used to spend hours collecting fonts, making colorful word art, and playing with stock graphics on my primitive Macintosh computer. That passion, mixed with a desire to help entrepreneurs find their footing online, make running my business a dream come true.

Why do you love what you do?

I get to play with colors, fonts, patterns, and photos all day long (and get paid for it!) I’ve always been a creative, but I could never make it as a painter or illustrator. With website design, I get to pursue a creative field AND help women all over the world make money online. How amazing is that??

Tell us about your superpowers!

With every project, my first goal is to truly understand my client’s unique style, so that I can perfectly represent them through their logo and website. Especially for entrepreneurs, it’s absolutely critical to feel confident with your branding, since we’re not just selling a product – we are selling ourselves as high end service providers. After all, if you’re going to create an online empire, you need to LOOK the part!

What else should we know?

I’m a massive science fiction & fantasy nerd! Right now I’m re-reading my favorite fan fiction, which rethinks the world of Harry Potter through the eyes of a rationalist scientist. Adult Harry Potter fans should absolutely check it out… you’re in for a real treat!!

Is there a special offer you’d like to share with us?

Get started by checking out my FREE quiz to help you find your Signature Brand Style:



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