Brittany Brave

I’m thrilled to introduce you to Brittany Brave!

Brittany Brave is a shining light and a triple threat. She is so multitalented and passionate about many of the things I also care about. I feel honored to know her at this early stage of what is sure to be an incredible career in the entertainment industry. I don’t know what could be more brave than being willing to stand up in front of the world to say I’M HERE TO MAKE YOU LAUGH. I see this as such a service to humanity, not only because her work lifts spirits but also because it shows us truths that we might not otherwise be willing to look at and acknowledge. Most definitely, you should see her in action – especially now with virtual show options! Ladies and gentleman, I am pleased to introduce you to my friend, Brittany.

What I do: I’m a comedian, actress, host, writer and producer. Those are all fancy ways of saying starving artist. (Kidding.)

  • Business Type: Comedian, Host, Actress for hire!
  • Business name: ​ Brittany Brave
  • Website:
  • Location: NYC + Miami
  • Contact: Brittany,, 305-495-2185

What should we know about you?

I currently split my time between my two homes – NYC and Miami – and am working on both my comedy and my women’s organization, Cat Call. I used to work in PR and marketing for many, many years before admitting I am born to clown and making my career pivot in 2017.

Why do you love what you do?

Comedy forces everyone to be even more authentic. Building a career as a comedian means constant self-discovery and awareness with both myself and the world around me. Humor is a really pure and wonderful way to build commonality and bring people together. Given how divided the world is, we need live comedy and moments of camaraderie and solidarity more than ever.

Plus, it’s just so fun. Comedy is a coping mechanism for so many people and a good belly laugh can turn your whole day around.

Tell us about your superpowers!

Mind-reading and robbing banks. (I wish, I’d be richer.)
I’d like to think I’m a very honest person. I love conversations that dig deep and moments where people get real and I try to create opportunities for that within my social circles and with my comedy. Judgement-free zones that allow the truth to do its thing. I’m also a pretty persistent bitch! It worked wonders when I had my 9-to-5 in PR — just constantly pitching and following up and stopping at nothing for coverage and I’m always working to repurpose that tough skin to comedy.

What else should we know?

I’m a big advocate for women’s rights and run my own organization, Cat Call. I’m straight, (I think? Today, at least.) but I love women. I think our journeys are so much more textured than our male counterparts. There’s a lot of early adversity that little girls face that makes us tougher, more vulnerable and more ready for the ups and downs of society. Half of the crap we go through we have to deal with while bleeding, or pregnant, or just damn hormonal. It’s not easy and it’s multi-tasking at its finest. Any chance I get to highlight female talent, issues, causes and voices, I take it. The more we’re heard, the more room we leave for conversation and that’s where progress is achieved.

Is there a special offer you’d like to share with us?

2 free tickets to a comedy show (NYC OR Miami!) and a round of drinks on me 🙂 Any friend of Tosca’s is a friend of mine, so come let me make you laugh and make sense of this crazy world.



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