Meet your transformational coach Tosca DiMatteo

Corporate Culture Revolution Circles

Inspiration, connection and information for leaders committed to revolutionizing workplace culture.

 February 23rd at 4pm EST

Are you ready to take strategic, inspired action to drive change in your organization?

Are you passionate about driving change, but sometimes feel at a loss about what else you can
do? If so, keep your fire ignited and have informal conversations in a place where you can
connect with and gain new tools from fellow changemakers!

Here are some of the reasons why these circles might be right for you…

  • You’re ready to rip up the playbook for how things are done in organizations … you get that changing culture means addressing the deeper roots of the challenges
  • You love being part of thought leadership conversations that will help you in your life and career … and you value being in rooms with people who have different perspectives
  • Being inspired is a big part of what keeps you going … though sometimes you find it difficult to make time or find connections outside of your existing circles

You’re invited to join me and an incredible group of leaders who won’t back down. We’ll have deep and real conversations about transformations; not just about our workplaces but about our own personal journeys within that. Conversations won’t be recorded, but rather they will be imprinted in our hearts, where all transformation begins.

I spent my marketing career working for blue chip, global, matrixed in competitive companies including Unilever, Kimberly Clark, Pernod Ricard (Absolut Vodka) and Univision. I understand the implications of workplaces that do not see humans and humanity at the core of what’s most important.

I honed my superpowers of strategy and empathy to drive real change, not just within organizations, but within myself. No matter the mountain you are trying to climb, there is a way. This is the way, in collaboration with fellow change makers.

Join me on February 23rd at 4pm EST. Event is free AND it will also free your mind!