Company Culture Development & marketing Strategy

Do you need to address your company culture?

Are you looking to upgrade your marketing?

We Need to Fix Our Company Culture

Are you a team leader or executive looking to create positive, lasting change in your organization?

  • Does your company culture need some major repairs, but you don’t know where to start?
  • Are you in need of a coach to help guide you through some challenging situations?
  • Is your organization trying to figure out how to walk the talk of making real changes?
  • Are you looking to address mental health or burnout concerns?

I’m glad you’re here because so much is at stake, and it’s entirely possible to make a real impact.

The issues that erode a business and team morale can manifest in different ways:

  • Unhealthy behaviors can create a toxic environment – which include using fear / bullying tactics, public shaming and unreasonable expectations, just to name a few. 
  • Constant organizational change (or past mistakes) can dissolve trust.
  • Competing priorities and mis-aligned stakeholders can be paralyzing and overwhelming to manage.
  • Lack of connection between team members, or lack of understanding of how each person fits into the bigger ecosystem can negatively impact motivation. 
  • The lack of an aligned and well-articulated brand / business purpose can result in fractured efforts.
Example company culture

Are you ready to build a stronger strategic foundation and improve how your team operates, interacts and delivers?

Look no further.  

… If you truly believe that more is possible – and have an open mind about people having the capacity for change. 

… If you want to raise your team’s consciousness, humanity and kindness. 

… If you care about your people, their health and their well being. 

… If you believe clarity around your business / brand purpose is critical to performance.

Then you’ve come to the right place.

We can create a company culture that inspires.

I work with organizations and team leaders who integrate me into the team in order to find the approach that will lead to the desired results. 

I support you in dealing with complex problems, multiple stakeholders and cross-functional teams. YOU are the expert of your business, and I help you to unlock the hidden potential within yourself and the players on your team. 

I support you in re/building your culture in a healthy way that maximizes your team’s potential. 

I support you in identifying process vs people issues, and identifying how to reward behaviors that create positive environments, and discourage toxic habits.

Investing in Your Company Culture Can Lead to Breakthrough Results:

Create a positive company culture

Identify the training or resources needed to create an environment that fosters growth, curiosity, and a positive outlook.

Improve communication in your company culture

Improve communication across the entire team, enabling common understanding and trust.

Break through your blocks and define your company culture

Discover new ways to approach difficult situations that you’re either too close to, shy away from, or get triggered by.

I believe in miracles, but they take time…

Change requires commitment, hard work and courageous conversations. There are no quick fixes, but if you are willing to get in the arena and play to win, then let’s do this! 

But first, you should know what I DON’T do… 

  • Work with clients who want to use my coaching as an excuse to get rid of an employee. 
  • Use assessment tools, or put people in boxes. I see what is present and go from there in a way that will address the goals that all parties involved have aligned to. 
  • Provide “off the shelf” solutions. I don’t believe in cookie cutter solutions for enhancing workplace culture. I believe in deliberate learning, understanding, listening to then identify together what would work for your team dynamics.

Together we can create impactful team experiences to jumpstart the change you are looking to create.

We Need Marketing Solutions that Generate Growth

Are you in need of a seasoned marketing executive?

  • Has your business outgrown your marketing strategy? Did you have one in the first place?
  • Do you lead marketing teams, but aren’t a subject matter expert? 
  • Are you losing sleep over marketing?
  • Are you taking your business to the next level, and don’t know where to start with identifying your marketing needs? 
  • Are you an entrepreneur looking to build your brand / business proposition?

Look no further for your secret weapon.

No matter the size of your business, I can help guide you in all things related to marketing.

  • Needs and capabilities assessment
  • Proposal evaluations
  • Marketing fundamentals training / education
  • Implementing processes for efficiencies
  • Demystify what it takes to create / build / reinvigorate a brand
Upgrade your Company Culture and Marketing with a coach Tosca DiMatteo

Are you ready to level up and STAND OUT in your industry?

As a seasoned, strategic marketing executive, I support you in addressing brand / business fundamentals.

I’ve got what your business needs to grow.

Upgrade your Company Culture and Marketing with a strategic mindset

Strategic Mindset

When it comes to planning & management, I approach situations strategically and act with purpose. Sound business fundamentals and consistency enables powerful marketplace impact.

Upgrade your Company Culture and Marketing by focusing on execution

Focused on Execution

I know first hand how initiatives get interpreted and acted upon outside of the C-suite. I don’t live in theory and in ideals, I live in the real world always, keeping in mind what is actually executable.

Upgrade your Company Culture and Marketing with a business acumen

Business Acumen

I know what it takes to influence others, achieve buy-in and inspire cross functional teams to work together. I’ve worked in different kinds of company structures, sizes, cultures and with varying levels of process.

Upgrade your Company Culture and Marketing with a heart-centered leadership

Heart-Centered Leadership

I believe in the goodness of people and their ability to change, when they are willing and open to it. People are the most important asset you have, and I lead with my superpower of empathy.

Every business is different.

Let’s chat so I can learn more about yours.

Professional Bio:

Company culture coach Tosca DiMatteo

Tosca DiMatteo is a certified coach who supports businesses & working professionals. She helps them expand their impact,  improve communication, and create lasting, meaningful transformation in their lives & corporate culture environments.

Her qualifications and certifications include:

  • Certified Professional Coach (CPC through Leadership That Works, an ACTP program)
  • Michigan State University, MBA in Marketing
  • Rochester Institute of Technology, B.S. Business Administration
  • Smith College Executive Education for Women Leadership Program
  • Featured speaker at top universities including NYU and University at Buffalo 

Tosca has had the honor of working with industry leaders, nonprofits & beloved brands including:

Industry leaders: Unilever, Wegmans, Absolut Vodka, Kimberly Clark, UnivisionBeloved Brands: The Female Quotient, She Runs it, Changemaker Chats, Lipton, Pernod Ricard

Let’s work together to take YOUR organization to the next level