Company Culture Development & marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy & Solutions that Generate Growth

Your company might need marketing strategy & support if…

  • You’re ready for change – to do and look at things differently to take your business to the next level and to feel good while doing it.
  • You want an expert to help you build or clarify the foundation of your business & branding
  • You need to articulate your brand’s unique story in a way that feels amazing, that ALSO connects with your intended audience
  • You want to link your strategy to your action plans and tactical executions in a way that is realistic and honors how YOU like to do business
  • You want full-service, magical support on your journey to not just change your business trajectory but to more fully claim your power, truth and potential.

Here’s how I support you:

  • I use coaching and teaching techniques.
    I ask deep questions and meet you where you are, versus forcing opinions when you don’t want them. Along the way, we evaluate where interpersonal barriers and/or past experiences might be causing you to hold back.
  • I keep things as simple as possible.
    Not only will this help you avoid overwhelm, but it will make the end goals feel totally do-able.
  • I approach every client differently.
    I give you what you need, when you need it. We use a combination of live calls, emails and co-created shared documents, which is determined by your working style and preferences.
  • I share my resources.
    If I have information, connections or sources that I think might be helpful, I share them to set you up for success with things outside of our scope. 

Are you ready to level up and STAND OUT in your industry?

What do my Marketing Strategy clients have to say?

Tosca was a game-changer for my co-founder and me.

At 6 years in, at a growth inflection point that just happened to come right before a world-changing pandemic, we needed a unicorn—someone with technical knowledge (strategy chops, operations knowledge, marketing prowess) AND a real coach’s mindset, and Tosca came through!

She clarified our strategic foundation, gave us a new lens for looking at our values (and value!) and helped us formulate a plan forward that honored this crazy time and our goals.

Make the investment in yourself and your business with Tosca – your future self will thank you!”

~ Casey C.
Co-Founder at Vital Voice Training

What results can you expect?

Upgrade your Company Culture and Marketing with a strategic mindset

More confident & effective management

  • More strategically aligned decision making 
  • More informed financial decisions 
  • More efficient in your operations
Upgrade your Company Culture and Marketing by focusing on execution

Stronger business foundation

  • Better understanding of business and marketing fundamentals
  • More effective messaging
Upgrade your Company Culture and Marketing with a heart-centered leadership

More alignment with yourself and your team

  • Deeper understanding and clarity of desires
  • New decisions and actions 
  • Stronger communication with your team

Every business is different.

Let’s chat so I can learn more about yours.

Meet Your Marketing Coach

Upgrade your Company Culture and Marketing with a coach Tosca DiMatteo

As an experienced marketer, I bring 20+ years of building brands such as Absolut Vodka and I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! at world class organizations, including Unilever, Kimberly Clark and Univision.

I help you ground your business in sound strategy and identify your brand essence so that your tactical spend and execution ladders to the big picture.

When you work with me, you are working with a storyteller who has the uncanny ability to see all of you and your business goals so that your authentic and beautiful story can be told in a way that your intended audience can truly receive.

As your coach, I act as a key accountability & support partner in your journey. Together we’ll identify where key blocks and/or inner critics exist, and work to build the business you want to create.

This commitment opens the possibility of experiencing a fundamental change in how you see your own superpowers, and move forward in achieving your goals. Expect a bit of magic in the process, and get ready to discover more about yourself.

Let’s work together to take YOUR organization to the next level

I had the privilege of collaborating with Tosca as we developed a brand voice and messaging for a video campaign for a client.

Her guidance and direction are what ultimately allowed us to deliver a product that exceeded expectations.

During this time she also helped nurture and mature client relations, keeping my client happy and myself sane. Even though our relationship has been relatively short, it feels like we’ve worked together for years.”

~ Joey M.
CEO at ATB Productions

Tosca is specific, attentive and INCREDIBLY smart...

We had been in business for 5 years before we met Tosca, and can only imagine how much further we could have gone with her help from the beginning!

She has been instrumental in helping us nail down everything from our core messaging and operations, to branding. Tosca is specific, attentive and INCREDIBLY smart and has that rare combination of holding you accountable, and gentle hand holding when you need it.

We are so grateful to have the opportunity to work with her.”

~ Julie F.
Co-Founder at Vital Voice Training

I’ve had the honor of working with industry leaders, nonprofits & beloved brands including:

Industry leaders: Unilever, Wegmans, Absolut VodkaBeloved Brands: Kimberly Clark, UnivisionIndustry leaders: The Female Quotient, She Runs It, Changemaker ChatsBeloved brands: Lipton, Pernod Ricard