How Will You Come Through?

Are you coming into this new month,
like a lion?

Or are you arriving like a lamb,
Curious and still?

How does the wind carry you
Into possibility?

Are you seeing the light,
Down the path
And choosing to walk towards it?

Does the darkness envelop you,
And are you staying in its familiar comfort?

Does the cycle make you think of
Where you were a year ago…
With longing?
With gratitude?

Whichever way you enter,
Just remember,

You are here.
You survived.
You made it around yet again
Not to begin again
But to carry forward
What you are here to do.

And maybe you are a bit of both
A roaring lion
A patient lamb
Holding it all in the balance
Able to be and do what is needed,
One step at a time.

You got this.



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