September Song

I wake up at night

Wonder if I’m living this life.

Is this my dream I see

Is this who I want to be?

Is thisWho

I want

To be?

I wake up at night

Am I just somebodies wife?

Did I grow up to be

What I thought I’d see?

Under masks, do I hide?

My heart is fragile tonight

Feelings, are they supposed to be?

Is it my past I see?

Afraid to spill it here

Is it me driven by fear?

Is it perfection I seek

Or validation I need?

I wake up at night

Is it because something’s not right?

Did I forget to be

The me I knew I could be?

Am I too damaged to see

What could have been a masterpiece?

Did my soul die somewhere

And did I just not care?

What does this world mean to me

Where do I think I should be?

Is here not enough I fear

Is there too far from here?

Nothing to complain about

I’m living my life out loud

Oppression hasn’t got the best of me

Freedom is in my heart you see.

But I wake up at night.

What keeps me up at night?

Am I living my life?

Is this my dream I see?

Is this who I want to be?



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