Company Culture Development & marketing Strategy

Do you want to take new actions to manage your culture and create lasting change in your organization?

Take a deep breath and imagine this…

You wake up in the morning excited to start your work day.

Walking into your office is like walking into your favorite restaurant – everyone knows your name, they know how to make you laugh and they are genuinely glad to see you.

Your organization’s values are always at the forefront – you work for something you believe in and everyone that works with you (and for you) is contributing to a vibe and energy people want to be around.

You celebrate together.

You problem-solve together.

You trust your team to have your back, and they trust YOU to have theirs.

Your whole team works hard, but they’re not on their way to burnout – in fact they feel energized by the work they do and the human connections that bring them through each workday.

Everyone is in it together, for real.

Sounds awesome right? Now come back to earth for a second and consider these questions:

  • Does this vision sound like a far-off pipe dream?
  • Is your own workplace buzzing with anxiety, stress, and frustration?
  • Do you believe in your team’s potential, but find the best pieces get easily overshadowed?
  • Is your organization trying to figure out how to deliver against the well-intentioned promises you make internally and externally?
  • Are you struggling with how to address mental health concerns in the best way?
  • Do you believe your team culture needs some revitalization, but have no clue where to start?

Now for the most important question…

Are you ready to pursue a NEW vision?

Are you ready to reinforce the foundation that helped you get where you are, while re-evaluating the pieces that might not be working?

Are you ready to improve how your team engages, operates and delivers?

I’m here to help you create a company culture that inspires.

I help you see and tell the truth of what’s going on in your organization. As a result, we can create the kind of change that inspires your workforce to see a new vision of what’s possible through consistent, small changes that become the marks of sustainable culture change.

My Culture Revolution Framework

Discover the Deepest Truths

First, we gain clarity by identifying your key challenges and opportunities to creating a thriving culture. Then we prioritize your needs and align with your key stakeholders.

Create the Compass

I support you to create the vision for your team, which in essence serves as your compass and honors your unique leadership style. This compass might include elements such as values, business impact, and team goals and we will link it to your overall company mission. This compass will keep you grounded even when the winds shift.

Amplify What’s Working

It’s time to acknowledge the superpowers within your organization aligned with the compass. We identify meaningful ways to celebrate what’s already working and amplify the positive impact to feel the momentum shift right away.

Plan & Execute

Using the compass as our guide, we’ll map out how to reach your goals and continue the journey with the broader team. This may include a combination of coaching, workshop facilitation, strategic integration, and even refining your messaging to reflect authentic promises and commitments.

Experiment, Learn, Adjust

Keep your hand on the wheel as I support you in taking action and adjusting the roadmap as needed, based on what is working / resonating with your unique organization.

Investing in Your Company Culture Can Lead to Transformational Results

Specific results are impossible to promise, because it depends upon your goals and openness to seeing and doing things differently, but I can confidently say that if you do the work, it IS POSSIBLE for you to:

Create a positive company culture

Make better, more strategic decisions with clear priorities

Improve communication in your company culture

Maximize your team’s superpowers

Break through your blocks and define your company culture

Create a more positive work environment with a greater sense of belonging for all

Improve communication in your company culture

Foster greater trust with your team, leading to more open and honest dialog

Create a positive company culture

Lead with more confidence and empathy

Break through your blocks and define your company culture

Build a more human-centric workplace, attuned to mental health needs

For breakthrough results work with me, your badass CORPORATE WHISPERER. Here’s why:

Powerful Strategy.

I’ve spent the past 20+ years resurrecting and growing iconic brands such as I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! and Absolut Vodka, working in competitive companies and industries, which include Unilever, Kimberly Clark and Univision. I’ve experienced dozens of business models and leadership styles, and know how nurturing authenticity and empathy can shift everything.

I help you drive impact by ensuring the actions you take tie back to your aligned strategy. As a marketing maven, I support you in communicating your plans and messages in a way that is authentic and received by your varied audiences as intended.

Inspired, Human-Centered Action.

I guide you in re/building strong relationships by meeting you where you are with non-judgment and I support you to do hard things like changing long standing habits and holding people accountable. 

My inherent nature is to see what’s possible and to see the best in what exists. Because of this, I support you to maximize and amplify what’s already working for your organization.

I’m a certified coach and support you in discovering a path forward that is in alignment with your truth as a leader, and I honor that you are the expert in your business. I’m here to help you with the messiness that comes with leading others, in a way that does no harm and that is in integrity. 

I have had the honor of working with industry leaders, nonprofits & beloved brands including:

Industry leaders: Unilever, Wegmans, Absolut VodkaBeloved Brands: Kimberly Clark, UnivisionIndustry leaders: The Female Quotient, She Runs It, Changemaker ChatsBeloved brands: Lipton, Pernod Ricard

Company culture coach Tosca DiMatteo

Additional Qualifications

  • ICF Certified Professional Coach

  • Michigan State University, MBA in Marketing

  • Rochester Institute of Technology, B.S. Business Administration
  • Smith College Executive Education for Women Leadership Program
  • Featured speaker at organizations including Ellevate Network, NYU and UB

Are you ready to get started? LET’S DO THIS.

Together we can create an impactful team culture & jumpstart real, lasting change that can transform your entire organization!

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