GoalDigger: A Conversation with Cate Luzio

What happens when two badass women come together to talk about igniting a Corporate Culture Revolution? Listen to the LinkedIn Live conversation I had with Cate Luzio, Founder of Luminary below to find out.

We talked about everything from how I came to do this work, to why I believe it is MARKETING and not HR that needs to carry forward the important work forward of making workplaces more human-centric. Marketing understands what it takes to build a business, to honor their word and to be an authentic brand – all concepts that are important in building cultures that people can trust and believe in. Marketing also wields more power and also experiences the actual culture than most HR departments do, which means they can be an activator from the inside, who has inherent credibility in making sound business decisions based in marketplace realities.

When companies are creating big T and little T traumas, when they are stifling people more than they are lifting people up, these are clear signs that incremental change is NOT enough. I believe that companies have a finite time to address the issues that have been ignored for too long, because consumers and employees have a short fuse for forgiveness on issues that are now so much more visible.

Here are some of the topics we covered:

– Ways employers can start to deal with stifling environments

– Advice on how employees can break out of toxic environments

– Determining how much to spend on culture

– Why Marketers are well poised to do this work

– Why I’m sharing my manifesto NOW (hint: the crack in the veneer is visible)

– Why I think we are moving from the Great Resignation to the Great Reset

– How Cate and I took our respective leaps of faith to launch our businesses

Check out the conversation here or below:



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