Chronicles of a Corporate Career: Meet Your Boss

I accepted a job, without meeting my boss first.
Big mistake.
I did it because I was desperate to get out of the situation I was in.
I was working for a woman that was trying to push me out.

It felt good to be wanted and I was excited for the job.
But I didn’t know I had the power to take my time. To make sure it was right.

So I rushed in, like a fool.
I accepted a role without meeting my boss first.

Only to find out he would have rather hired someone that was just like him.
For almost 2 years I tried to “prove myself” and it made me sick, literally.

So believe me when I say…
Take your time.
Be careful that you are running towards something, not running away.

Make sure it truly is the right fit for you. Ask the deeper questions. Meet the people you will be working with and for. Interview the company even more than they interview you. Understand their values. Ask them what behaviors get rewarded. Look for the “show me” examples, not the “tell me” stories.

You deserve to run towards something your heart desires. Even if you are leaving something that doesn’t serve you anymore.

LEADERSHIP LESSON: Pay attention to the energy that is driving you. Be sure that whether you are hiring or taking a job that you meet the ones you will be working closest with. Find spaciousness so that in the long run, you know the right decision is being made – not just in this short moment where you may be desiring instant gratification.

This is a series of blog posts where I share my experiences in Corporate to bring to light the impact of what happens in those spaces – the good, the bad and the ugly. If you are interested in how I can help your organization with culture transformation, or how I can support you in your personal career/leadership journey, email me at



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