Talk About It Tuesday:
Your Energy Is Your Magic

Guest: Kiera Doyle, Founder of Meeting Your Magic

MicroBio: Kiera Doyle is a human design + energetics guide and Tedx speaker.

Where to find her: Website | Instagram

Talk FAST (summary)

Kiera Doyle found her purpose when she discovered Human Design and her superpower to give people the gift of seeing themselves. We talked about her journey into and then unhooking from the corporate environment to pursue an entrepreneurial path and where fulfillment actually comes from. 

The Back-Story

Before Kiera Doyle hit her thirties, she explored several potential careers: waitress, PR, yoga instructor, hairdresser, and beauty education – some while she was couch surfing and living out of her car in NYC.  When she discovered Human Design (which she describes as something like astrology on steroids), Kiera found her calling. This eventually led her to leave her corporate job behind to support her clients in deconditioning and living from their truth. 

What is Human Design?

Using your birth information, a body graph is generated to help you better understand how you exchange energy with the world. Kiera uses this as a foundation for her work with clients and blends it with other modalities, for an even more expansive view of your natural way of operating. 

“I started making a lot of decisions based off of who I was [without the conditioning] and that transformed everything. Once I started having my own results and noticing how I was showing up energetically different, well, it changed the way I worked with clients right away.” – Kiera Doyle

Myths of Corporate and Entrepreneurial Career Paths:

Kiera and I talked a bit about the truth of corporate versus entrepreneurial career paths. Check out these myths to see what you have bought into and then consider what you want to choose to believe as your way forward. 

  • Corporate is stable while entrepreneurship is unstable 
  • When we land good jobs, we are ‘lucky’ – not attributing our own talents to the opportunity
  • We should focus on ONE skill set, and multiple interests means you are directionless 
  • Our worth comes from our titles, paychecks and opportunities ‘given’ to us
  • Something is wrong with you if you achieve your goals and still feel unfulfilled
  • When we achieve that next goal, we will immediately experience an internal shift
  • If you tried entrepreneurship early in your career and it didn’t pan out, you would be destined for the same fate if you tried it again

When You Feel Lost or Unhappy:

Follow the Signs: Kiera talked a lot about how she was deflecting opportunities that came to her, and even missing the messages she was getting about focusing on human design work, versus the beauty content she was creating. It’s a reminder that we are often getting signs about a calling in the moment or a bigger purpose, but we ignore it or even tell ourselves things like ‘that’s not possible’ or ‘I’m not an expert on that’. 

Push Past the Resistance of Doing Something Different: Change one routine, try something new, play with your magical gifts in new ways, dig into what you tie your self worth to. 

Pay Attention to the Story to Are Telling Yourself: In Kiera’s case, she realized the story she was telling herself about leaving her corporate job was one of struggle and financial scarcity. But when she looked at the truth she could see that she had so much evidence to the contrary. And so she decided to change her story and that story wasn’t going to be about struggle. Kiera changed her belief system in part by telling herself a new story that actually served her. Here’s one of her journal prompts that I loved ‘what am I afraid will happen when I get what I want?’ – this can help you get right to the fear underneath why you might be holding yourself back.  

Give Yourself More Love: Kiera said it best “I will always require more of my own love even as I get bigger and my business grows. I gotta be more emotionally intelligent about how I handle my, my bad days. And I’m sure they’ll come, but you have it and you heal it. And then you get right back up and you don’t make it a story about you. You handle her, care for her and love her and then you get right back on board.”

Tips for Changing Your Mindset:

Kiera used a beautiful metaphor / proverb about mindsets: When elephants are young, zookeepers tie their ankle to a stake in the ground and no matter how hard they pull, the baby elephants can not release themselves from that chain. As elephants grow, they continue to believe that they cannot free themselves from the stake in the ground, even when they weigh two tons. But the truth is that they could easily rip the stake out of the ground by simply lifting up their ankle. 

Shifting mindsets is a very personal journey – and it’s really all about experimenting with what works for you. Here are some things to try.

  • Establish a feeling of safety – whatever that is for you
  • As it relates to financial security, identify all the ways you could make money if you really needed to
  • Celebrate the ways you have grown
  • Acknowledge all your hard work and achievements it took for you to be where you are now 
  • Journal the thoughts and feelings that you have (daily practice)
  • Say the new belief / mindset out loud 
  • Seek others who are walking the kind of path you want to be on – to give yourself more evidence for what IS possible 

Raise Your Vibration:

We talk about this notion of raising our vibration, but putting that into practice is a whole different story. Kiera brought up the great point that sometimes we use the term ‘high vibration’ – but perhaps really we ought to think about as a big vibration – to get out of the binary thinking of good vs bad. It’s not about pushing down the feelings that are unpleasant, it’s about allowing ourselves to fully feel and honor them. As Kiera so brilliantly stated; ‘It’s about not judging it, pushing it away or trying to immediately distract myself with something else…because all the opportunities for me that I ever found in transformation actually came up when I was triggered or when I was feeling emotional.” 

I love this quote from Kiera:

“I firmly believe that like honoring our feelings is one of the most powerful things we can do and it will never ever deter the universe from sending you something. It’s just a sign that you know how to be emotionally intelligent. Knowing how to honor your feelings probably sets you up for bigger opportunities and bigger manifestations, because it shows that you know how to handle when things go well and when things don’t go well and that you know how to care for yourself.”

Some of the ways that Kiera stayed with these feelings and took care of herself at the same time included making herself chicken soup or a pot of tea, taking a warm bath and taking a day off of work. For myself, some of my go-to practices when I’m dealing with tough emotions are to bring flowers into the house, go for long walks outside and taking naps versus fighting through my exhaustion. 


  • Human Design is just one tool to have a better understanding of yourself – so that you can see who you are with less judgement and more compassion 
  • Feeling your feelings is difficult work, but there is such deep reward in traveling to the other side of that
  • No one else can tell you what road to travel down – you have to honor what brings you joy – even if you don’t see examples for how to bring that to life
  • We are sold a lot of lies in society, pay careful attention to which ones you have internalized and are holding you back

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